Welcome to Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley. Home of Premier Christmas Trees.

Now, let’s slow down and show you step by step where it all begins. It starts with great seeds, good ground, and an attention to detail. Seedling selection from the parent tree is key to growing a quality Christmas tree. These seeds come from the cone and parent tree and are carefully selected from mature trees that have the best characteristics for color, needle structure, keep-ability, and shape.

Initially, seeds are planted in a nursery until they are approximately two years old and then transplanted to the selected fields for the long term. Each seedling is machine planted and individually inspected for proper planting. This is where the trees will grow from 7 to 9 years or more until they are ready to be harvested and shipped to you.

As the trees grow, they are inspected and protected from harmful insects and other deceases. Along the growing process, the trees are cultured from year to year. At four years old we trim the bottom of the tree to create what is referred to as “The Handle.” It creates enough space to put a stand on. How we culture a tree will depend on it’s species. We use different methods of culturing practices for best results. We choose one top and use that for the shearing angle for the best shape. Bamboo sticks are used on Nobles to insure the straightest tops. Trees are sheared or hand tipped to have a 60 to 65% taper with only the highest trained technicians working on the harvestable trees.

Multiple soil samples are used to created custom blended fertilizer for maximum growth year after year.

As part of growing and cultivating, it is essential to keep the ground clean and free of grasses, weeds, bugs, and anything that could compromise the growth of each tree.

Before the harvest finally arrives, each tree is hand selected by trained personnel so Premier can consistently deliver a #1 quality tree. Tags are color coded by size and contain care instruction for the customer. A detachable bar code is included on the tag for easy scan-through.

A successful harvest is important to get you the freshest tree in the most effective and ecologically friendly manor. The trees are cut perpendicularly very close to the ground and then helicopter harvested out of the fields to be shook and tightly bailed for safety in shipping before loading onto the trucks. Helicopter harvesting preserves and maximizes freshness. Shaking the trees individually allows us to rid the trees of much of the internal loose needles before they are bailed.

State of the art belt driven elevators that cushion the trees are used in the loading process. Loads are tallied for accuracy in delivery. For those with warehouse delivery and access to an off loading dock, we offer labor saving palletization.

Communications between Premier and our customers during shipping is enhanced by our tree tracker system. Customers can track their shipments via this web based system. The amount, sizes, grades, and other shipping information including the name of the driver and his phone number is included on the tree tracker along with the estimated time of arrival.

Premier Christmas Trees offers a complete approach to sales and marketing. Our consultants help take your Christmas tree program to higher and more profitable levels. We can customize training just for your specific needs including for youth fundraisers.

Premier Christmas Trees offer a large variety of sizes and types of trees   Ranging from 3-4′ in size all the way up to 20′. Add together all species and a little angel tree one of our most popular trees comes with a plastic water stand and comes in Nordman Grand and Nobel Fir. All types of greenery including wreaths, garland, and centerpieces.

On a customized basis we are able to mix species, size of trees into multiple drops. With our large well-lit gravel shipping yards, we are able to load mixed species, sizes, and handle multiple drops. We offer Douglas fir, Nobel fir, Grand fir, Nordman fir, and Frazier fir.

We invite you to come to Oregon and walk through our many fields. Let us help you tailor a program for your Christmas tree needs. Premier Christmas Trees, we will always working for you. We’re your next best Christmas.